Assistant Editor M-Community

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Position Description

The Assistant Editor M-Community helps with editorial tasks in the community frontend and backend, and member systems. This includes but is not limited to:

* Helps editing event articles for public display on the frontend
* Help editing news articles for the community
* Helps keeping the website information up to date.
* Helps keeping the discord and community newsservers up to date.

Position Requirements

* Experience with PhP, mysql, CSS and CMS systems
* A minimum of 3 months Myth member
* Fluent in english


* Free Myth Gaming business e-mail:
* Free Myth Gaming Staff Gaming Uniform
* Free Access to Myth Gaming PRO content
* Access to Myth Gaming Staff servers
* A free Myth Gaming gadget now N then
* Community perks & Discord perks

How to Apply

Please send your experience and motivational letter to:

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