Our Mission

Myth Gaming

Competitive guild with a vision and values.

We believe in gaming as a means to connect youth from all walks of life, who share the passion for gaming. We live in a world with many differences and minorities amongst people, but gaming has the ability to connect everyone together. Our aim is to be that gateway for a chance to become a competitive gamer and to connect with others sharing the same passion.

Now more than ever, in times of public health crisis world-wide, it’s imperative that youth should be able to find a place where they feel safe, free of stress from all the things that are happening outside, to ensure consistent optimal mental health.

Sometimes it’s needed to be able to disconnect just for a little bit to allow a mental recharge and to prepare oneself for responsilibilities the next day. The mind sometimes needs distractions in times of peril and this is why we aim for Myth Gaming to be a drama-free, stress-free fun and chill gaming environment for people of all walks of life, where people can just be themselves.


No discrimination, No racism, No inequality.


Readily available tools and uniforms to compete.


Friendship & Positive Community Spirit first.

We aim for our guild to be competitive, but in a relaxing and fun manner. We also allow for plenty of fun activities, next to competitive activities, such as guild tournaments and other fun internal contests amongst our members as a means of passing time in relaxing manner.

For more information regarding our vision and rules and code of conduct visit The Myth Code:

All information on this page, or information in the Myth Code, is subject to change, as time passes and things progress, in order to be able to ensure the best quality of service and safe environment in the guild.

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