Recent Myth updates to be aware of

In this article, we will provide a summary of all the changes (minor and major) applied in key area’s at Myth Gaming in the past week:

1. In-Game (WOW only): MYTH Gaming changed to Myth Gaming.
A minor change to make the display of our clan name, the same across all of the games we currently compete in.

2. Changes to Myth Gaming Discord channels

Several changes have been made to the channels on our Discord server, some updated, some removed, some added, in order to increase clarity and user friendlyness.

3. Raid signup questionaire received minor review.
To be considered for a spot in a raiding team of Myth Gaming, you need to fill in the questionaire and DM it to one of Myth Gaming’s officers. Please note that you can not be considered for a spot, without providing this information to one of our officers.

4. Changes have been made to our activity policy.
a. Characters who have been inactive for longer than 6 months will be excluded from the guild. We understand that some of our members have alts in the guild, that they do not play often. In order to keep a clean guild and member overview, it will only be a small task to login your alt atleast once every 6 months.
b. Be a positive, active member of the community. There is no minimum time commitment, we simply ask that you be as active as you can. We hope that you invest into the clan as much as we invest into you. However, prolonged inactivity or repeated failure to attend events you have signed up for, may result in disciplinairy action.

5. Clan event voice policy update.
Voice chat Discord use is recommended for all members during Myth Gaming events. With special allowances or exceptions made at the discretion of the Council or Officers for people with difficulties speaking English or other reasons. Your name in Discord must be the same as your in-game member name so other Myth Gaming members know who you are and who they are speaking with.

Keep fragging,
Your Myth Gaming Friends

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