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Our Myth Team is working around the clock to provide our members with the best gaming experience, and to make competitive sports gameplay more accessible to all.

Told us we couldn’t, that’s why we did

In today’s world, making things work, means showing your spine. There will always be doubters. There will always be haters. The ones that make it, are the ones that turn their back to negativity and persist through it all. The ones that make it, JUST DO IT.

Myth Gaming has a philosphy of working as a team. United we stand.

YetiTeam Lead M-Team
BabyLead Myth Gaming EU
EzeclapTeam Lead E-Teams
GhostTeam Ld.Assist E-Teams
MikeCommunity Director
StoanBoard of Trustees
ScaryHarryBoard of Trustess
KalshnikovBoard of Trustees

We simply do what makes us happy.

We believe in gaming as a means to connect youth from all walks of life, who share the passion for gaming. We live in a world with many differences and minorities amongst people, but gaming has the ability to connect everyone together. Our aim is to be that gateway.

Ready to start your Journey?

At Myth, gaming is our business & business is good.

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