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There is only One Man Playing your Game, it’s You

Your actions / reactions decides the outcome of the game. Taking the right decisions at the right moment is crucial. At Myth we vouch to shape and help develop the best of 1st persoon shooter skills in our members, so YOU can decide the outcome of your game.

Whether you are a starting player, or a gamer aspiring to be a professional, with our 1st person shooter gaming exp, we aim to bring invaluable lessons to our Myth PRO members, to discover your top talent.

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Training Tutorials

In-depth Guilds & Analytics

Put your lesson used at our Myth Pro academy to good use and show that through your earned M-Achis!

Training Programs

Score Points!

Complete your training quests and you will score points! The more points you score, the better your chances of unlock M-Achis!

Training Grounds

Become ranked!

The better you perform during your training in our Myth Pro academy, the higher your rank will rise. Go Pro!

Ready to start your Journey?

At Myth, gaming is our business & business is good.

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