Investing in Our Future

Thank you!

Amid the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, Myth Gaming has adapted virtually all of its practices to continue providing a superb gaming community and fast servers. Your support during the current health crisis is more important than ever. With your help, we can continue to provide resources to our gamers and team members and sustain the community we hold near and dear. Your contribution will have a profound impact during these challenging times as we move forward as one gaming family.



Myth Gaming

The smallest gift, can bring about the biggest change.

In our commitment to give a safe space, accessible to gamers from all walks of life, your contribution can go a long mile in achieving that and more.

We are Myth

Together we fight, Making our stand
Together we walk, United as One
We join together as Gamers of Myth

We champion our cause
To inspire, and get inspired
To defeat the challengers
In honor of our brothers and sisters

Not because we must
But because we are inspired
To band together
To overcome .. To win.

Walk with us, as one of us.
Game with us – Become like us
United as One,
We touch hearts of who we love,
Those we join and meet
We walk the greatest distance
To fight together as one
We are Myth
Myth, we are.

Volunteer some time

Thank you!

Our volunteers play a critical role in the continued success of the community. A dozen of dedicated Myth Gamers donate time to the community annually by helping with events, mentoring and talking with guildies. As a volunteer, you can keep your community members up to date on what’s happening at Myth Gaming. Even talk with them about supporting Myth Gaming; plan events for the community; network with current gamers; or serve as a leader in our Board of Trustees and Directors.

Ready to start your Journey?

At Myth, gaming is our business & business is good.

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