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Our Board of Trustees consists of a number of guild veterans who have proven their worth and qualities time and time again. They have proven to be loyal, knowledgable and full of wisdom regarding general matters. These are usually staff veterans, who have helped governing the guild in the past, but are now retired.

The Board of Trustees in Myth Gaming acts as a board of advisers and think tank who help and advise decision making matters on important subjects or cases, related to the guild. They do not take on an active leading role in the guild or during guild events and tournies, they act as a council of advisors mainly, sharring their knowledge, experience.

The Board of Trustees cannot be contacted regarding disciplinary matters related to the guild, nor promotional, nor rank related matters. The Board of Trustees acts as an independant advisory organ in the guild.

To see who is on the Board of Trustees, visit the mTeam staff page, by clicking the button below.

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