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Myth Gaming is a highly selective Multi-Gaming Team competing in several games with a code that stands for professionalism, happiness and pride. We stand for what we believe in. As a Myth Member we honour the Myth code and the virtues that come with it. Members engage in good conduct at all times and hold the Myth Gaming pride and team spirit high. Myth Gaming gamers come from all walks of life, in multiple games and plains, but have one thing in common and that is our Myth Gaming Clan Code, which is as follows..

Myth Gaming is a professional and positive gaming environment. Myth is safe space for people from all walks of life. It has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination. Any racist, sexist, or discriminatory remarks made while playing with other members and/or non-members, is grounds for removal from the guild. Be helpful and encouraging toward fellow clan and community members. Support each other in all activities and welcome constructive feedback to achieve the activity goal.

Being a Myth Member is an honor, a privilege, of which you should be proud, and comes with certain responsibilities. Be a positive, active member of the community. There is no minimum time commitment, we simply ask that you be as active as you can. We hope that you invest into the clan as much as we invest into you. However, prolonged inactivity or repeated failure to attend events you have signed up for, may result in disciplinairy action.

Being a part of Myth Gaming means being part of a community, and we want to leave the impression that while our community is serious, our members and staff are welcoming and hospitable as well. This would mean your conduct partially extends outside the game, which includes PUGs, Premades and the Official World of Warcraft Forums. While we expect you to resolve any grievances within your own space, if an issue has been brought to notice about any of our guild members then an appropiate form of disciplinary action will be decided internally to full cooperation with Blizzard staff for any reportable offences against the ToS (this includes RMT to Extended Harassment).

Be responsible and get stuck in. As a Myth Gaming member you have a pass to engage in guild events open to all Myth members and participation is encouraged. Game day sign-ups are addressed on a first come first served basis. If you have been placed on reserve/standby, please respect the decision. We understand time limitations, commitments, and unexpected circumstances. If you are unable to make an event for which you have signed up, please message the Raid team Leader, Officer or Council team as soon as possible to allow a reserve player the slot.

No drama policy. Be understanding with the written word. Discord is meant to be a way to connect with one another to form teams, get to know each other, talk about Myth Gaming, the games we compete in, and have fun. But written communication can be difficult. Be mindful that text does not well convey intent, tone, or expression, when communicating through chat and messages. Never put a personal problem with another member on a public channel. If a problem with a fellow Myth member arises, the issue should be raised privately or to one of the Admins. Grievances should not be aired in group messages or public channels. Officers and Council will work with all parties to resolve issues as quickly and fairly as possible.

Voice chat Discord use is recommended for all members during Myth Gaming events. With special allowances or exceptions made at the discretion of the Council or Officers for people with difficulties speaking English or other reasons. Your name in Discord must be the same as your in-game member name so other Myth Gaming members know who you are and who they are speaking with.(bewerkt)

Server Bans and Appeals. If any individual is banned by an officer from any of our servers, they may request an appeal by posting their appeal in the appropriate application form on our website. ( ) .. The Council shall have 7 days to review the plaintiff’s appeal and render a decision. Failure to abide by the Councils final decision, may result in a permanent ban from all Myth Gaming servers and privileges in all games.

Enforcement of rules. Every member and guest alike is expected to read and agree to abide by these rules. Officers shall warn violators at least twice, only then followed by a temporary ban, and then followed by a permanent ban with the approval of a Council Member. Myth Gaming reserves the right to remove any player it deems necessary from any Myth Gaming server, in any of the games we are competing, in order to maintain peace and harmony in the guild/clan.

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